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Subject: [DDN] new DDN website launches today!
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From: Andy Carvin <acarvin at edc.org>
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Hi everyone,

Most of you by now should have received a personal email from us this
morning about some exciting news: the new Digital Divide Network website
has launched this morning and is open to the public.


In case you didn't receive the announcement (we had some emails bounce
back because mailboxes were full), I'm posting a copy of it below. We'll
be sending out press releases in about 10 minutes; I'll send a copy to
the list in case anyone would like to share it. Lastly, we'll host a
live webcast tour of the website tomorrow; stay tuned for an announcement.


Hi everyone,

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Digital Divide Network has
just launched its new website:


Five years ago this week, we created the first Digital Divide Network
website and email discussion group. Since then, DDN has grown into a
network of over 3,000 people in more than 75 countries.

We invite you to visit the site and try out all the new features we've
created for digital divide activists around the world. As a DDN member,
you'll have access to a variety of powerful tools that will allow you to:

- create your own blog

- host your own online community workspace featuring document sharing,
online publishing and bulletin board discussions

- access DDN content through RSS feeds

- publish your own news headlines, event announcements and articles

- participate in live webcasts hosted by DDN staff

Membership is free, and is open to all people interesting in bridging
the digital divide.

To get started, please visit http://www.digitaldivide.net and click on
the link that says "join DDN now!" near the top left corner of the page.
Or simply go to this page:


After you've filled out the form, you'll receive an email asking you to
confirm your membership. Click on the link provided in the email and
your membership will be activated. Then return to the DDN homepage and
log in.

Once you've logged in, click the button that says "Edit My Profile"
(http://www.digitaldivide.net/members/edit.php), also in the top left
corner. You can then customize your personal profile so other DDN
members can learn more about you.

DDN Highlights

Once you've logged into DDN, you can take advantage of the website's
many features, including blogs, bulletin boards and other tools. Here
are some great places to start.

Browse our articles and headlines:

On the homepage, you'll see some of the many feature articles and news
stories published on DDN. As a member of DDN, you are encouraged to post
your own articles on the website.

Create a blog:

Web logs, or "blogs," are online journals. Post your own thoughts and
announcements on issues related to the digital divide. Think of it as a
public diary or your own personal newsletter!

Join a discussion:

We've set up bulletin boards for DDN members to discuss a range of
issues related to the digital divide. In fact, every community within
DDN has its own discussion board. Feel free to introduce yourself on our
Welcome Wagon discussion board - it's a great place to break the ice!

Join a community:

DDN is more than just a website; it's a collection of online communities
in which you can discuss the digital divide, Internet literacy,
community technology, economic development and other interesting topics.
Each community is like an online workspace: you can post news, articles
and event announcements, upload documents, share favorite Web resources
and chat in a bulletin board room. You can start by browsing the
communities hosted on DDN. When you see one that's interesting, go to
the community's homepage and click the link at the top that says, "Join
this community." This will allow you to participate in that group.

On behalf of DDN and the Center for Media & Community, we hope you enjoy
the new website. Please consider it a place where you can share your
best ideas with colleagues from around the world, so we may work
together to develop new real-world strategies for bridging the digital


Andy Carvin
Director, DDN
(acarvin @ edc . org)

Cedar Pruitt
Editor, DDN
(cpruitt @ edc . org)

Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community
acarvin @ edc . org
Blog: http://www.andycarvin.com
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