[rtpnet-tact] Need help planning the next conference

Judy Hallman hallman at email.unc.edu
Wed Nov 24 14:48:10 EST 2004

To RTPnet TACT list:

The 6th annual RTPnet conference is tentatively scheduled for May 20, 
2005 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.

One of RTPnet's Americorps*VISTAs, Damita Chambers 
(http://www.rtpnet.org/chambers/), is coordinating this year's conference.

We would like to use Tech LinkUp (http://www.techlinkup.org) to find 
volunteers to work on projects for the conference. If you can help out 
in any way, please register with Tech LinkUp as a volunteer. When you 
register, you should indicate that you are interested in helping with 
the conference. To do this, click "Other" when you are listing your 
skills, type in "Conference Planning" and specify which areas you would 
like to help with.

To see the current projects, go to http://www.techlinkup.org, click 
SEARCH (in the left column) and type in your Zip code. If you are very 
far from Chapel Hill, select "Unlimited" in the "Search range" dropdown 
box and click Save. Then, in the "Search for" text box, type "RTPnet."

Once you have registered as a volunteer, you simply login and click 
SEARCH, then look for projects for RTPnet.

Damita has drafted a timeline and conference schedule -- see 
http://rtpnet.org/rtpnet/rtpconf05/timeline.html  and 

If you would like to speak to someone directly about the conference, you 
can call Damita at (919) 463-1362 or e-mail her at chambers at rtpnet.org.

Judy Hallman (hallman at rtpnet.org, http://www.rtpnet.org/hallman)
Executive Director, RTPnet, NC (http://www.RTPnet.org/)

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