[rtpnet-tact] ITRC Tip of the Week - Selective Printing (fwd)

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Mon Apr 5 13:00:23 EDT 2004

To RTPnet-TACT and CTCNet Connect lists:

I'm forwarding, with Tim's permission, a tip from the UNC-Chapel Hill
IT Response Center. ITRC sends out a tip almost every week. They're
archived at http://www.unc.edu/cit/citations/tips.html (this tip is under
EMAIL), and RTPnet has a link to this collection of tips and a few others
on http://www.rtpnet.org/comp/ (left column, near the bottom).

Carolyn Kotlas includes the ITRC tips in Citations,
a UNC-CH technology newsletter, published twice a month, see

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Subject: [support] ITRC Tip of the Week - Selective Printing

ITRC Tip of the Week     February 6, 2004

Ever need to print just part of a web page or e-mail?

Here's how to print selectively:

1. First, select (highlight) the area you would like to print.

2. Next, from the file menu, select Print.

3. When the printer dialog box comes up, choose the option for
"Selection", in the "Print Range" frame.

4. Click Print.

[ITRC contact info deleted.]

Timothy Grant
ITRC Analyst

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