[rtpnet-tact] Your conference notes please

Shirley Williams-McClain shirleymcclain_hungernet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 26 20:40:16 EST 2004

Dear Judy:

As always, you hit another home run with the conference. The three minutes
of madness was a great opportunity to share and learn from other
participants.  Having the websites shown during their presentations made the
information more real.

I am glad you invited Jane Patterson.  This was the first time I really
understood what they are trying to do.  Someone from that organization
should be there every year.

The breaks were very well timed and provided ample time to mingle and eat
the goodies and get samples from the medical folk.

How do you hold people on a Friday afternoon?   Well, I thought you did
good.  I guess the awards reception was the reason most people stayed.   The
podium for awards could have been a little closer to the people.  That would
have presented a more intimate atmosphere.

I think the drawing for the prizes is a good idea.   Have another laptop
next year.  There was lots of excitement in the room.  A good way to close a

There was one presentation that was much too technical for me and some
others.  But that was ok.

I must say you have a way of making things very relaxed.  So thanks for

Thanks for making the conference scholarships available to low income
people.  That generosity helps bridge the digital divide.

I give you FIVE STARS.

Shirley Williams-McClain
Executive Director
North Carolina Hunger Network

Shirley Williams-McClain, Executive Director
North Carolina Hunger Network
P O Box 12007
Raleigh NC 27605-2007
919/431-8887 shirleymcclain_hungernet at earthlink.net

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If you jotted down notes and comments during the conference and are
willing to have them included with other conference materials online,
please send them to hallman at rtpnet.org.

I'm finishing up the final conference Web site.

Judy Hallman (hallman at rtpnet.org, http://www.rtpnet.org/hallman)
Executive Director, RTPnet, NC (http://www.RTPnet.org/)

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