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We were able to get our check changed for the new amount and will bring it
with us.  There will be two of us - Galvin Crisp and myself.  We both will
be attending the dinner at your home.

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To RTPnet TACT and CTNC lists:

Several things:

(1) I've posted the list of 2004 nominees for RTPnet Community Technology
Awards with summaries of their nominations online at
http://www.rtpnet.org/awards/nominees.html . These are wonderful stories!

(2) With regard to the reception, the original plan was to ask people to
register and to charge $15. We've canceled the registration fee.  If you
can, please let me know who is coming (Name, Organization, and City) so we
can make name tags and have an estimate of attendance to give the Friday
Center. We would appreciate donations to RTPnet to help cover cost.

(3) With regard to the conference -- If you haven't registered yet, please
do so. I have to turn in my final number for seats and lunch tickets Tuesday
morning. You can register at the door, but that gets a little more confusing
(we'd have to add seats, get more lunch tickets, and I worry about losing
checks and keeping track of cash), so if you plan to come, please register
and send check by mail, even if late. We still have scholarships available.

(4) What to wear -- our conferences are not formal. Some, but not many, wear
suits. Wear what you are comfortable in. I like slacks and comfortable
shoes. (It's a long day.)

Let me know if you have questions.

Judy Hallman (hallman at rtpnet.org, http://www.rtpnet.org/hallman) Executive
Director, RTPnet, NC (http://www.RTPnet.org/)

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