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I like it except that I would not list the specific door prize.  Just leave
it as just door prize - or perhaps "including an IBM Thinkpad". 


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Do you see any problems with this news release? -- Judy


Judy Hallman
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Conference Web site: www.rtpnet.org/conf

Conference on Bridging NC's Digital Divide

Chapel Hill, NC - Effective use of Information Technology is necessary to
succeed, particularly in today's challenging economy. There is a gap between
those people and communities who can make effective use of information
technology and those who cannot.

RTPnet's 5th Annual Conference, March 19, 2004, at the William and Ida
Friday Center in Chapel Hill, will focus on the wide variety of programs
aimed at bridging North Carolina's Digital/Human Divide. Individuals and
representatives of nonprofit and social services groups that provide access
to computers and training are encouraged to attend, as well as educators,
librarians, computer specialists, and representatives of grant-making
foundations, who want to learn how they can contribute to this effort. This
event provides an opportunity to build a personal network of people and
organizations active in using computers and Internet technology to build a
better, stronger community in North Carolina and beyond.

For the first time, RTPnet Community Technology Awards will be presented at
the conference. These awards recognize and honor individuals, organizations,
institutions, and businesses that have made significant contributions to
North Carolina communities in the area of information and computer
technology. Nominations for the 2004 RTPnet Community Technology Awards will
be accepted through February 23, 2004.

Conference highlights include:
 - Online Fundraising Strategies
 - Learning Technologies
 - What Role for Wireless?
 - Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools: Lessons Learned
 - WinstonNet: Building a Community-Based Technology Infrastructure
 - Meeting Needs for Recycling	`	``
 - Future for NC Information Infrastructure Networks
 - Tech LinkUp: Linking technology needs and resources to support
     nonprofit organizations
 - Drawing for Door Prizes (including an IBM ThinkPad R30 Laptop,
     Model 2656-20U)
 - Community Technology Awards Reception

RTPnet is a community network for the Triangle area (www.rtpnet.org).  For
conference information visit www.rtpnet.org/conf/ or e-mail info at rtpnet.org.
For awards information and a link to the nomination form, visit

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