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Written by Michael Rulison   
Sunday, 14 October 2007 07:17

RTPnet offers Internet hosting services to its Nonprofit Members.

There are no ads on our Web pages or messages from our email lists.

Please review RTPnet Policies. (Rtpnet Policies )

Services and fees
The following table summarizes RTPnet service packages. More detail is provided below the table.

Starter Internet

Mid Internet

The Works

1 Member Discount 3 Member Discounts 5 Member Discounts

Web Site and 1 mailbox, with 30 meg of disk space Web Site and 1 mailbox, with 50 meg of disk space Web Site and 1 mailbox, with 100 meg of disk space

2 Email Lists 3 Email Lists 5 Email Lists

5 Email Aliases 10 Email Aliases 20 Email Aliases

Additional Mailboxes, $2/month/box

1 MySQL Database


  • Member discounts are provided for RTPnet sponsored training sessions and events.
  • Additional disk space is $5 per 20 meg per year.
  • Email aliases beyond your package price are each $1 per year.
  • MySQL databases beyond your package price are an additional $25 per year per database — you must have a working knowledge of MySQL.
  • Email Lists beyond your package price are each $10 per year.

Hosting environment

Bandwidth: RTPnet is on an optical connection to the Internet at 10 Mbit per sec. While there are no current limits on bandwidth or database usage, we reserve the right to impose them if any RTPnet member's usage starts to affect the overall availability of the system.
  • Internet services for RTPnet: The RTPnet server is colocated at Deltaforce Technologies, thanks to Amnon Nissan <amnon at deltaforce.net>.
  • Service availability: RTPnet is on a UPS and generator, with roughly 99.9% availability.
  • System backups: Users are responsible for maintaining backup copies of their Web sites. RTPnet does nightly backups.
  • System software and hardware:
    RTPnet (rtpnet.org, rtpnet02.rtpnet.org, and www.rtpnet.org) is running:
    Apache 2.0
    MySQL 5.0.60
    Perl DBI
    PHP 5.2.6
    Gentoo Linux
    on a P-4, 2.6Ghz, computer with 1GB of RAM, 160GB HD, on an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Software and instructions

  • General instructions: What you need to get started — Creating and Maintaining World Wide Web Pages on RTPnet
  • Calendars:
    • Calendars Net: Calendars Net is a free interactive Web calendar-hosting service.
    • Flat Calendar: You can download the Flat Calendar .php files to your Web space on rtpnet.
  • Data collection forms:
    • PHP Script: script compiles form data to an email message.
  • Domain hosting: RTPnet provides virtual hosting for your domain, for example, www.your_group_name.org. You are responsible for the registration for your domain name. We recommend using register.com through Deltaforce.net. See Domain Services/Virtual Hosting on RTPnet for more information.
  • Email lists: We are using Mailman list serve software.
  • MySQL: MySQL (database management) is available on an individual basis. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Off-site backups: Create off-site backups on rtpnet.org of critical organizational files.
  • PHP: PHP is available for your use.
  • Release form: You may tailor for your use RTPnet's Release Form (MS Word Document) for photographs and/or video images.
  • Scripts: RTPnet provides approved, public, scripts. Members may use their own PHP scripts. See Script policy for more information.
  • Server-side includes: RTPnet supports server-side includes.
  • Surveys: Preparing and analyzing surveys


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