PICNIC (see map below)

The Raleigh Friends Meeting annual lake picnic will be held this coming Saturday, Sept. 9.2006 at the Seaforth Beach area at Jordan Lake. We will eat around 6 PM - bring food to share - and will stay probably stay till the park closes (sometime between 7:30 and 8). Come earlier if it's sunny and you want to swim - others of us may be there also. Those who arrive first please try to stake out a couple of picnic tables in the woods on the LEFT side of the bathhouse.
State Parks charges an admission fee per car ($4 or $5 - I forget exactly) so you may want to carpool.
There is a sand volleyball court in case someone wants to bring a ball.

Directions to Jordan Lake/Seaforth Beach from the Raleigh area:
Take US 64 west towards Pittsboro. Continue until you cross Jordan Lake on a causeway. The entrance to the Seaforth Beach access is on the left shortly after you cross the main portion of the lake.
Continue down the road past the guardhouse and past the boat access area to the beach area parking lot. Look for familiar faces in the picnic grove to the right of the bath-house. If you don't see any, stake out a couple of tables.

If you have further questions, contact Amy Mackintosh (trkagan@aol.com or 781-6067)


Here are directions to a picnic area on Jordan Lake where we sometimes go as a group for fun. (The width of this image is equivalent to about two miles.)

The following map shows how to get to Jordan Lake from Raleigh.

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